Login Timecard (10 FAQs) Login Timecard (10 FAQs)

If you’re an UPSers employee, you know that logging into the timecard portal can be a bit confusing. Here are 10 FAQs to make the process easier.


When is the deadline to submit your login timecard

When is the deadline to submit your login timecard?

The deadline to submit your login timecard is 5:00 p.m. EST on the last day of your pay period.


What is the process for submitting a login timecard

The UPSers login timecard process is simple and easy to follow. First, go to the UPSers website and log in with your username and password. Once you are logged in, click on the “timecard” link located in the left-hand sidebar. From there, you will be able to view your current timecard and make any necessary changes. Once you have made all of the desired changes, simply click the “submit” button and your timecard will be sent to your supervisor for approval.


How do I know if my login timecard was accepted

Assuming you are an employee of UPS and trying to log into the UPSers website to clock in for your shift:

If you are unable to login or see your timecard, this may be an indication that your login was not accepted. If you continue to have trouble logging in, you should contact your supervisor or the UPSers customer service line for assistance.


What happens if I forget to submit my login timecard

If you forget to submit your login timecard, your account will be locked and you will not be able to access it.

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Can I make changes to my login timecard after I submit it

It’s important to get your login timecard submitted on time, but sometimes life happens and you might need to make a change. If you need to make a change to your login timecard after you’ve submitted it, you’ll need to contact your supervisor. They will be able to help you make the changes that you need.


How often do I need to submit a login timecard

If you are a full-time or salaried UPSers, you will need to submit a login timecard once a week. If you are a part-time package handler, you will need to submit your login timecard every other week. If you are a seasonal employee, you will only need to submit your login timecard during the weeks that you work.


What information do I need in order to fill out a login timecard

In order to fill out a login timecard, you will need the following information:

Your username and password

The date and time you wish to begin your work shift

The date and time you wish to end your work shift

Your employee ID number

Once you have gathered all of the necessary information, simply log into your account and navigate to the login timecard page. From there, you will enter the requested information and submit your timecard for approval.


Where can I find help if I have questions about submitting my login timecard

There are a few different places you can go to if you have questions about submitting your login timecard. The first place you can check is the website itself. There is a section on the website that is dedicated to help and support. If you cannot find the answer to your question in this section, you can also contact UPS customer service for more help.

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What are the consequences of not submitting a login timecard

If you don’t submit a login timecard, the consequences can be pretty severe. For one, you may not get paid for the hours you’ve worked. Additionally, your employer could take disciplinary action against you, up to and including termination. So if you’re not submitting your timecard, it’s best to stop and rectify the situation as soon as possible.


Can someone else submit my login timecard for me

If you are an employee of UPS and you need someone else to submit your login timecard for you, then you will need to provide that person with your login information. Once they have your login information, they will be able to access your account and submit the timecard on your behalf.

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