Secu Login Nc Member Login (10 FAQs)

Secu Login Nc Member Login (10 FAQs)

Are you a North Carolina state employee looking to access your SECU account? If so, you’ll need to login to the SECU Member Login portal. Here are 10 FAQs about the process.


How do I log in to SECU’s website

If you’re a State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) member, you can log in to your account on the SECU website. Here’s how:

1. Go to
2. Enter your member number and last name in the fields provided.
3. Click “Log In.”
4. If you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll need to create a Username and Password. Follow the instructions on the screen to do so.

Once you’re logged in, you can view your account balance, transaction history, make transfers, and more. If you have any questions about logging in or using the SECU website, you can contact SECU Member Support at 1-888-732-8562.


What is the URL for SECU’s login page

The URL for SECU’s login page is This page allows members to access their accounts and perform various banking tasks.


How do I become a member of SECU

In order to become a member of SECU, you must first meet the eligibility requirements. These requirements include being a current or retired employee of one of our select groups, living in our service area, or having an immediate family member who is already a member. Once you have met the eligibility requirements, you can open an account with as little as $5.00.


What are the requirements for membership with SECU

In order to become a member of State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU), you must:

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– be an employee or retiree of the State of North Carolina,
– have a family member who is already a SECU member,
– work for or be retired from a local government entity in North Carolina, or
– work for or be retired from a public school or university in North Carolina.


How do I update my contact information with SECU

If you need to update your contact information with SECU, there are a few ways to do so. You can log in to Online Banking and update your information under the “My Profile” tab. You can also call our Member Contact Center at 1-888-732-8562 and speak with a representative who can help you update your information. Lastly, you can visit your nearest SECU branch and speak with a representative there.


How can I view my account balance with SECU

If you’re a SECU member, you can view your account balance a few different ways. The easiest way is to log in to your online banking account and check the balance there. Alternatively, you can call the SECU Member Service Center at 1-888-732-8562 and they can help you check your balance over the phone. Finally, you can always visit your local SECU branch and speak to a teller about your account balance.


What services does SECU offer its members

SECU, or State Employees’ Credit Union, is a North Carolina-based credit union that offers a variety of financial services to its members. These services include checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and more. SECU also offers its members access to a nationwide network of ATMs and branches, as well as online and mobile banking options. In addition, SECU members can take advantage of the credit union’s financial education resources, which offer information on topics such as budgeting, saving for retirement, and more.

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How do I report a lost or stolen debit card to SECU

If you have lost your SECU debit card or believe it has been stolen, you should contact the credit union as soon as possible. You can reach SECU by phone at 1-888-732-8562 or online through their website’s “Contact Us” form.

When you contact SECU, be sure to have your account information and identification ready. The credit union will then cancel your old card and issue a new one. There is no fee for this service.

If you believe your debit card has been used fraudulently, you should also file a report with the police. Be sure to keep any documentation or receipts that may be related to the fraudulent activity.


What are the hours of operation for SECU branches

The SECU branches are open from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.


What is the phone number for SECU’s customer service department

The SECU customer service department can be reached at 1-888-732-8562. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

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